4 Unique Luxury Trips To Take Around The World

Chairman’s Collection

Insight Vacations

Luxury Gold’s “Chairman’s Collection” is beyond the ordinary. These exclusive trips with select departure dates are inspired by the golden age of travel. Guests will have the opportunity to pick from a range of experiences, such as meeting with the duchess of Northumberland and taking a tour through the gardens of Alnwick Castle, to joining Princess Anita Von Hohenberg for a cocktail reception at Artstetten Castle; luxurygoldvacations.com.

Unique Luxury Trips

Grand Tours of Europe

With Planet Rail, revel in the romanticism of first-class rail travel across Europe. Capture the very essence of Italy—from Florence’s architecture to the romanticism of Venice; sit back and enjoy the diverse scenery of Paris, Lausanne and Montreux as you indulge in incredible gourmet meals and a personal steward to attend to your every wish with the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express package. Just one of the packages to choose from, this one takes travelers on a journey across Europe from Venice to London; planetrail.us.

Around The World

African Adventure

African Travel Inc. offers an air-inclusive journey that begins with an opportunity to explore Cape Town’s iconic ocean views, food and wine scene, and Table Mountain for four nights before being swept away to the experience of a lifetime: the Shamwari Game Reserve. With uninterrupted views of wildlife, the Majestic South Africa package will awake the adventurer within; africantravelinc.com.

Shamwari Game Reserve

Soar over Australia

Abercrombie & Kent offers a “Wings Over Australia” package, which includes visits to some of Australia’s premier destinations aboard private chartered flights that will make travel within Australia hassle-free. Private tours of the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour and the famed Rocks District are included; abercrombiekent.com.

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