Y.M. Masson on Meet the Author

The Broward County-based author will join History Fort Lauderdale's "Meet the Author" Zoom series on Thursday, June 10

Y.M. Masson will join the “Meet the Author" series on June 10.
Y.M. Masson will join the “Meet the Author” series on June 10.

History Fort Lauderdale will feature Broward County novelist Y.M. Masson on the next installment of its “Meet the Author” interactive Zoom series on Thursday, June 10, at noon. Viewers may register here.

Masson will join architect and historic preservation consultant Arthur Jay Marcus, historian John Bailey, and authors Kingsley Guy and Donn R. Colee, Jr. as part of History Fort Lauderdale’s “Meet the Author” series, which offers the opportunity to converse with South Florida-based writers.

Masson is the author of When Paris Was Dark, a story of a young boy’s fear, courage, despair, and determination during the German occupation of France during World War II. The tale mirrors Masson’s own experiences during this turbulent time. The novel won third place in the Royal Palm Literary Awards from the Florida Writers Association 2018 competition.

As a young boy, Yves “Y. M.” Masson struggled through four years of hardship under German occupation of Paris until he was liberated by the American Third Army. Twenty years later, after having served in the French army in North Africa during the French-Algerian war, he left France for New York City and became a United States citizen in the early seventies. After working as a marketing executive and running his own consulting business, Masson turned to the arts. He is an accomplished portrait artist, but loves to share his life experiences with his readers. Because of his experience, Masson understands what war does to people–especially to children. His ability to describe their fears, devastating hunger, and the despair of deprivation draws his audience into their conflict.

Masson’s other novels include The War Inside His Mind and Never Give Up.

For more information, please call (954) 463-4431 or visit the History Fort Lauderdale website.

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