Wreck It Fort Laudy is All the Rage

Suit up in some protective gear and have a blast in the Fort Lauderdale hotspot

Wreck It Fort Laudy
Photo courtesy of Wreck It Fort Laudy

If you’ve ever had the urge to break something, now you can with “rage” or “smash” rooms. These spaces provide a safe environment to destroy everything from electronics to wine bottles to furniture. Locally, check out Wreck It Fort Laudy, which Ricky Ballester, Karina Ballester, and Connor Gonzales opened in 2018. At the time, they wanted to create an outlet for people to blow off some steam. “You don’t have to be ‘stressed’ or ‘angry’ to have a good time,” says Ricky. “This experience is for all walks of life, and anyone can find some relief.” 

You’ll receive a jumpsuit, gloves, and hardhat with a protective shield, then get the low-down on dos and don’ts before entering the graffiti-clad room. As the music of your choice blasts in the background, you’ll spend 30 minutes shattering glass bottles, smashing computer keyboards, and busting up furniture using items such as crowbars, baseball bats, and sledgehammers. Rooms vary on the number of breakables. The most popular is the “Hammered” package featuring seven small breakables, three medium, and one large, while “Obliterated” will have guests breaking nearly 25 items. Groups of up to eight are allowed in at a time; you can book for events such as birthdays and office parties too. Wreck It Fort Laudy also hosts comedy shows in the main lounge. Check out their social media channels for more details. 

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