Sounding Off with Tasty Vibrations

Catch the Pompano-based band at Okeechobee Fest March 5 and locally at Fat Cats March 11

Catch Tasty Vibrations performing at South Florida venues all month long
Catch Tasty Vibrations performing at South Florida venues all month long.

One of the best ways to experience live music is to just stumble upon it. One band you’re bound to hear while out in Laudy is Tasty Vibrations. Based in Pompano, the alternative band with a funky island sound and a “jammy touch” started with a few members in 2017 before landing on its current lineup of Max Accetta (guitar), Bobby Boutin (drums and backing vocals), Sean Debeltrand (lead vocals and ukulele), Tony Testa (keyboards), and Booey on the bass. They frequent downtown watering holes such as Fat Cats and Chops & Hops, and play for crowds across South Florida. 

“We always try to keep a fun, upbeat vibe while creating a musical experience,” shares Accetta. 

While the band typically performs covers of popular music, they also have original songs and came out with two live EPs entitled Caveman and Self Portrait, which are available on streaming platforms. This month, Tasty Vibrations will be touring through Florida for two weeks and performing at Okeechobee Fest on March 5. You can also catch them locally at Fat Cats on March 11. 

“As a band, we love playing live,” Accetta says. “Everything from playing with self-expression to connecting with the audience [is] something we just love to do and want to do more of.” 

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