Restoring The Reefs with Art

1,000 Mermaids Artificial Reef Project creates installations to serve as havens for coral restoration, eco-tourism, and research

Photos courtesy of the 1,000 Mermaids Project
Photos courtesy of the 1,000 Mermaids Project

It’s no secret that our precious oceans need some serious TLC to continue producing a rich, diverse ecosystem. Helping this cause locally is the nonprofit 1,000 Mermaids Artificial Reef Project, operating under the Ocean Rescue Alliance. It’s essentially a public eco-art project in the form of artificial reef installations that will serve as a destination for coral restoration, eco-tourism, and research. 

“Because our reefs are out of sight and out of mind for most people, we have found much success in utilizing the power of art to help raise awareness about the issues plaguing our coral reefs,” says Evan Snow, co-founder of the 1,000 Mermaids Artificial Reef Project. “In addition to raising awareness, these artificial reefs serve as a tremendous marketing tool and eco-tourism driver for generations to come and have proven to yield an overwhelming return on investment for the entities that make the conscious decision to invest in this forward-thinking solution.” 

Photo courtesy of the 1,000 Mermaids Project 1Designed as mermaids and other aquatic figures, the artificial reefs will not only provide new places for corals to grow and thrive, but they will also expand fish habitats. Dependent on weather, the reefs are set to be deployed this month and will be located about 1 mile off the shore of Hollywood Beach. Locals are required to use a dive boat (Snow suggests the Sea Experience charter) to witness this sight first-hand. 

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