Treat Your Sweet Tooth At Notorious Creamery In Fort Lauderdale

The neighborhood ice cream shop got a delicious upgrade.

Photos by Vaco Studio

Notorious Creamery is not your grandfather’s ice cream shop. From cotton-candy burritos to cake piled high with royal blue ice cream, the treats here demand social media attention while still satisfying a sweet tooth.

“Some of these crazy concoctions that you see on social media [from other places] may look good but don’t taste good,” says Bobby Velez, co-owner of Notorious Creamery. “[Notorious is] like a specialty cocktail menu.”

Velez opened Notorious in Flagler Village this past summer with his business partner, Grammy-nominated rapper Tory Lanez. “He’s a super smart businessman,” Velez says. Music also inspired the naming of the shop; Velez grew up listening to hip-hop in the ’90s and says The Notorious B.I.G. was an influence.

The shop is located in The Hive, a section of updated warehouse businesses featuring honeycomb murals in the MASS District. Inside, Notorious sports a striking black-and-white-striped theme and neon signs with sayings like “Sweetest Thing” and “No Regrets,” creating a backdrop for Instagram-worthy photoshoots. It’s locals seeing the social media posts, Velez says, that feeds people’s cravings for Notorious Creamery’s avant-garde desserts.

“It’s not just going into an ice cream shop and getting a scoop of ice cream, paying for it, and walking out the door; it’s an experience and we’re trying to provide that,” he says. “From you seeing it on social media to actually experiencing it at the stores is the overall package.”

Along with a variety of ice cream flavors, like the blue Cookie Monster, and seasonal selections, Notorious Creamery also offers vegan and non-dairy options such as toasted almond coconut fudge. There are also sorbets, milkshakes, and a plethora of toppings. The most notable feature of Notorious’ menu?

The Dealer’s Choice.

“You tell us what flavored ice cream you like, and you give us the freedom to build something creative for you,” Velez explains. Ice cream piled on top of cake with Cap’N Crunch Berries cereal, caramel sauce, and waffle cone pieces is one possibility. Or perhaps the decadent dessert will come sandwiched between cotton candy and topped with cereal marshmallows.

Along with the Fort Lauderdale location, Notorious plans to open a second outpost in Miami this year.

“We envision that being the hub of our concept where we will make our own ice cream in-house,” Velez says. “We would be sending those flavors to Fort Lauderdale as well.” The new location will also offer a variety of smaller items and make it more convenient for Lanez and his circle to visit more often, which will “create that environment and culture and add onto the overall concept” of Notorious, Velez says. “We’re super excited to see everything unfold.”

At both locations, Velez and Lanez want to maintain Notorious Creamery’s fundamental identity as an ice cream shop. “What I really love about Notorious is the overall service and the enjoyment and excitement from all walks of life from when they walk into the door to when they leave,” Velez says. “There’s no better and gratifying feeling… You’re not in a bad mood to go get ice cream.”

Notorious Creamery, 908 N. Flagler Drive, Fort Lauderdale / 954.306.2584 /

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