LoveLee Bakeshop has a Heart of Gold

Lee Mazor's Fort Lauderdale bakeshop will be serving up an assortment of festive treats


Break open the chocolate heart smash box to reveal a decadent cake topped with sweet treats (below). Photo by Melissa Sweredoski

In 2008 Lee Mazor started baking for fun and fell in love, so much so that she quit her cor- porate job in 2010 to go to culinary school and hasn’t looked back since. She’s the owner of LoveLee Bakeshop in Fort Lauderdale and whips up seasonal favorites like crème brûlée tarts with a chocolate crust, alongside Funfetti sprinkle cakes and crusty bagels. “I love creating new items by putting a modern twist on classic pastries and desserts that people already love,” says Mazor.

This Valentine’s Day LoveLee Bakeshop will be serving up an assortment of festive treats, including traditional chocolate-covered strawberries boxed with fresh roses and signature kissy-face cakes in red velvet, strawberry, or Funfetti, topped with fondant decorations and a floral crown. New this year is the chocolate heart smash box—a large, chocolate heart that comes with a wooden mallet. Crack it open to reveal a cake covered with treats. And for the “anti” Valentine’s Day crowd, Mazor’s selling black conversation heart sugar cookies with sayings like “Nope,” “Blah,” and “Don’t Call.”

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