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Broward’s best wagyu bites to try now

Wagyu is having a moment—and we’re here for it. The tender, umami-rich beef has become a staple on many menus thanks to its famous flavor profile. Meaning “Japanese cow,” wagyu (pronounced wah-gyoo) earns its culinary clout from its impressive marbling and texture that literally melts in the mouth. If this super beef has you ready to indulge, check out our roundup of Fort Lauderdale’s best wagyu bites around town. 

Steak 954 wagyu
Photo courtesy of Steak 954

Steak 954 

When it comes to steak, no one does it better than Steak 954, nestled inside the W Fort Lauderdale. This modern, oceanfront steak house has garnered a massive following for its menu of indulgences like locally caught fish, decadent side dishes, and dry-aged Prime and Wagyu beef. For a truly mesmerizing dish, opt for the 8-ounce Takamori “Drunken” Ribeye from Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan. It gets its name from the cattle, which are said to be solely raised on a sake mash made using the leftover rice from the producers of one of Japan’s top sakes. Pair it with a side dish like truffle potato gratin or bacon mac and cheese. 

Australian wagyu beef wood-smoked skewer at Evelyn's Fort Lauderdale.
Australian wagyu beef wood-smoked skewer at Evelyn’s Fort Lauderdale.


For a glamorous Wagyu moment, head to Evelyn’s at the new Four Seasons Hotel and Residences Fort Lauderdale. Known for coastal Florida cuisine enhanced by eastern Mediterranean flavors, this posh outpost makes a statement in every dish. Its Australian Wagyu rests on a grill surrounded by an aromatic cloud of orange blossom. A marinade of eastern Mediterranean spices enhances the meat’s perfectly tender texture. It’s served with a house-made date barbecue sauce and red chili schug that’s just as delightful in sight as it is in taste. 

Wagyu beef at Casa Sensei
Photo courtesy of Casa Sensei

Casa Sensei 

Wagyu is even tastier when it’s interactive. At Fort Lauderdale’s Casa Sensei, guests can grill portions of authentic A5-grade Japanese Wagyu beef Fridays through Sundays. A smokeless Japanese grill is set at the table along with expert tools, custom silverware, and the Wagyu’s certificate of authenticity. While the meat cooks, season it with a trio of premium sea salts—Himalayan pink, coarse Mediterranean, and black Hawaiian—for an even tastier experience. Curated side dishes include bok choy and Casa fried rice. Guests can upgrade to a Japanese whisky pairing to round out their experience. 

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