[solidcore] Opens In Boca Raton Offering Intense Workouts


It took fewer than two minutes for me to realize the next 48 minutes of my first [solidcore] class would be well spent. I was in a plank hold, attempting to familiarize myself with the foundational movement used during this workout.

The room was dimly lit in a blue hue. Mirrors spanned the lengths of two walls, and upbeat music was delivered through speakers. Studio manager and coach Julia Gilliam instructed the class to move into a plank crunch. As my muscles began to shake, I understood why Michelle Obama frequents her [solidcore] studio in Washington, D.C.—and how hard she had to work for her toned body.

South Floridians who desire the same kick-butt workout don’t need to travel far for results. [solidcore] has opened a studio in Boca Raton, offering 50-minute classes during which you’ll twist, and squat, and glide into movements while focusing on muscles you never knew existed.

The Workout

“[solidcore] is 50 minutes of high-intensity, low-impact, slow and controlled movements that will have you work the muscles in your body to failure,” Gilliam says. Most of the class is divided among three movements: planks, squats and lunges that focus on the hamstrings, to more advanced moves, like the Bulgarian split squats.“I love this move because it creates the shakes so quickly,” Gilliam adds.

The class also incorporates upper body movements like incline push-ups, single-arm bicep curls, back flies and external shoulder rotations. Best of all, the environment is friendly and motivating, and each participant receives individualized attention.

The Equipment

Meet “sweatlana,” your new best friend. The machines are lined up next to one another, and at first glance they can be intimidating. But fear not, the resistance-based equipment is easy to navigate through the help of the coach conducting class.

There are front and back platforms to the machines, as well as carriages in the middle that slide between sections. Bungees and springs are added and subtracted throughout the workout in order to customize the experience. Your coach will guide you through the carefully crafted, high-energy sequence to ensure proper use of “sweatlana.”

The Results

Gilliam says it’s common to start seeing and feeling changes by the end of week two if you attend two to three classes per week.

“Classes are intense and purposefully sequenced to work your muscles to failure,” she says. And while [solidcore] may resemble other Pilates classes, Gilliam assures, “We are unlike any workout you’ve experienced before.”

[solidcore], 2200 Glades Road, Ste. 306, Boca Raton; 561.342.1761; solidcore.co

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