Relax and Unwind at The Now Massage

The forthcoming wellness destination in Fort Lauderdale will offer services without the time commitment and expense of a full-service spa

Massage Table, image courtesy The Now Massage
Image courtesy The Now Massage

Melt away stress with a trip to The Now Massage, a new wellness destination in Fort Lauderdale offering spa services without the time commitment and expense of a full-service spot.

“The Now reinvents the way people think about and experience a massage by creating a luxury service in a convenient, affordable, and accessible manner,” explains Gara Post, The Now’s co-founder and chief creative officer. Since debuting in Los Angeles, The Now Massage has become known for its natural aesthetic, showcased in design elements like a carefully placed cactus or plant gallery, high ceilings that echo the sound of ocean waves, and custom crystal grid installations, which are intended to draw good energy into the space and invite patrons to set an intention for their time at The Now.

The Now offers three table massages: its signature Swedish massage, also dubbed The Now, as well as The Stretch, which aims to stimulate the lymphatic and circulatory systems, and The Healer, which is energy-balancing. Spa-goers can take treatments a step further with customized enhancements such as Fresh Eyes, a soothing hydrogel eye mask, and gua sha, a traditional Chinese medicine technique that targets tense areas. As of press time, The Now is set to open in June. 

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