Joy to the world of jewelry

Angelica Pellegrino has a passion for fashion and design. She launched her jewelry line, Angelica Joy Jewelry, last January. At just 20 years young, she doesn’t intend to stop there. We caught up with the Boca Raton-based designer to discuss her big dreams for not only her own future, but also for the futures of those who wear her pieces.

How long have you been designing jewelry?

My mom is in the jewelry business and I wanted to follow in her footsteps in the fashion community. So, I stayed at home to go to Florida Atlantic [University], and she was my inspiration every day to fulfill my dream. I started designing five months prior to the launch and then, once I got all my ideas together, we officially launched in January.

You mention that world travel influenced your new line. Which places inspired you?

I recently visited El Salvador, and just sitting on a beach with so many beautiful things around you – I wanted to capture that and display it through my jewelry.

Many pieces in the collection make a statement, such as the “I am …” necklaces and bracelets. What are you trying to evoke with this new line?

The “I am …” pieces [serve as] daily reminders for someone who may be struggling with something like a disease or depression and [who may] not feel like they are good enough. [The pieces remind them] that they are strong and they are beautiful. … You fill in the blank and envision your future, and it impacts your life.

What are you most excited for with this new collection?

I want to change people’s lives through accessories. I want to let people who are facing something difficult know that they are strong enough to get through it.

What’s next for Angelica Joy Jewelry?

I want it to be my life and my career. This is my dream that I’m chasing. I would love to see myself out there and have a big and well-known brand that is unique and has its own recognizable look.

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