Italian Designs And One-Of-A-Kind Finds Offered At Eclettica Boutique


While local shops across town begin opening their doors on a Friday morning, Eclettica owner Valentina Belletti wears a bright smile on her face, ready to share with customers her one-of-a-kind boutique. “Everything is Italian—like me,” Belletti says laughing while chatting with a curious shopper in her Boca Raton store.

It’s apparent that pieces are rare as Belletti promises. No fast fashion. No looks that can be bought elsewhere. Only designs that were specifically handpicked and designed for this location.

The Italy native spent the latter part of her life working in the interior design business in Europe and alongside emerging artists. But two years ago she decided to move to America to start a new venture, mixing in her passion for design.

That new venture is her boutique Eclettica, Italian for eclectic. It’s a fitting name. “This is me. I’m used to taking different stuff from different places and [putting them] together to create something new,” she says.

Shop Around

“Nothing is random,” Belletti says. “Everything is a detail.” The vast selection inside her shop is handpicked for a purpose. With Belletti as the tour guide, the first stop is the leather handbags.

Grabbing one off of the display she says, “All these leather bags are made one-by-one and [the artist] that made this put color on a little sponge one-by-one.” You can feel the difference and notice the individuality of each, which is great for those looking to have something original. “I love to play. I love to enjoy… I would like that people here start to do the same,” she says.

The WOObag is made out of real wood but is still soft, fashionable and comes in a variety of chic colors. Plus, there is an adjustable chain, which allows the bag to morph into a clutch, cross-body or a more traditional style.

What makes Eclettica different from the rest is how the clothing can be worn numerous ways. Take for example the “Transformer dress,” which can turn into six different looks.

Shop numerous accessories like .bijouets leather sunglasses, an innovative brand that uses 3-D printing to create a  selection of sunglasses with accents that can be swapped and interchanged for differing looks. There are 11-10 Undici Dieci leather bags; and Silenzio Stampa handmade jewelry made from painters’ rags that are dipped in wax.

What’s more is that just about everything you lay your eyes on in Belletti’s store is available for purchase—from the handmade antique chairs, to custom-made rugs, to numerous other fun home furnishings. The only thing not for purchase? The wooden accents found throughout the store. “I put the wood all around because it’s a part of me,” Belletti says of the pieces she gathered while scuba diving in Lago Maggiore that she turned into special furnishings, including a clothing rack and accessories displays.

Ecleticca, 348 Esplanade, Ste. 56A, Boca Raton / 561.419.8711 /

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