How to: Plan the Perfect Holiday Party

Diana Pisso, event planner with Lush Celebrations in Boca, gives us the five most important aspects of the ultimate holiday party.

Timing – Timing is very important. Everything has its own due date. Start planning the perfect party a month or two in advance. Larger parties need more time.

Food – If catering, always get a reference, and get feedback. Make sure the caterer is located close to the venue. Always sample the food first, and never under-order. Determine the guest list so that you don’t underestimate how much food you’ll need. Always round up the estimate; the more food choices you have, the smaller the individual portion size should be. Incorporate cinnamon sweets and keep a traditional holiday menu.

Flowers – Never choose a tropical flower. Go with softer tones for a wintry effect such as hydrangeas, roses, lilies or anemones. Lilies are big and bright. For a chic look, mix in red tones using deep red roses.

Decorations – Pick one style and direction. Mixing too many ideas looks cheap. The entryway decoration is the most important. It introduces the guests to the party.

Ambience – Set the ambience. If you have music, play holiday music. Scents are also important. If you’re cooking at home, the scent of the food should run through the house. If you’re not eating right away, light holiday-scented candles.

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