From Pilates To Cycling, Exercise At New Fitness Facility RISE31

I’m always trying new workout classes and looking for ways to expand my realm of fitness. So when I heard about a new workout called In-Trinity, I was enticed to give it a try.

The method was developed by South African cyclist Jonathan “Johnny G” Goldberg—the man who brought the bike indoors to create what we know as Spinning.

I decided I’d give it a try at RISE31 in Delray Beach, one of the only studios in South Florida to offer the experience. The new fitness destination offers three concepts—yoga, cycling and In-Trinity—under one roof (hence the name).

The hour-long class incorporates movements that tested my physical abilities in numerous ways.

The Workout

In-Trinity combines the teachings of yoga, Pilates, tai chi and martial arts with strength training.

The class began with a standard stretch sequence and a vinyasa flow, although each class is taught differently depending on the instructor.

While I’ve taken yoga enough times to remember the basics, I wasn’t prepared to go through the movements while being elevated on an inclined board shaped like an hourglass.

I experienced moments of unbalance and shakiness in my legs as the instructor, Tamara, guided the class through movements I once considered simple, such as warrior III or a raised hands pose incorporating a slight bend of the back.

I had to remind myself these were all good things. I was improving my balance and coordination as gravity worked against me.

The board features long straps on one end that are utilized throughout the class to improve flexibility or provide stabilization during more challenging movements. A pair of wooden In-Trinity sticks offer light resistance when focusing on core and strength exercises like squats.

Class ended with a traditional stretch and a final touch that left a lasting impression. As we entered savasana (a relaxation posture), Tamara placed cool lavender towels across our foreheads.

Do More

In addition to In-Trinity, members can choose between yoga and cycling classes, which incorporate state-of-the-art light technology that goes along with upbeat music (plus a eucalyptus towel after). Unlike other cycling studios, RISE31 has no monitors. It’s a true “do good, feel good” kind of workout. Even better, each guest’s bike settings and shoe sizes are recorded after their first class, so the next time they arrive, they can clip in and go.

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