Buy Chic Brazilian Resort Wear At Cia. Marítima In Boca Raton

Famous for barely-there bikinis, Brazil is an influential leader in the swimwear industry, and its most popular resort wear brand has landed right here in South Florida. It’s called Cia. Marítima—“cia” being short for “compañía,” or company.

The new Town Center at Boca Raton outpost marks the second location to open in the United States following a storefront in Miami. Inside, shoppers will find an atmosphere quite similar to a cabana on the beach, with imported grass weed paired alongside bright aqua walls and accents of tropical greenery spread out across the boutique.


“The whole idea here in the United States is we’re here for the modern woman,” says Joshua Kohn, the president of Rosset America, the company that designs high-end, high-tech textiles for Cia. Marítima.

The brand offers collections of swimsuits in all different cuts and styles to suit everyone’s tastes. Each collection has a different flare from the next, but bold prints and rich colors are always guaranteed. For example, the Zen Collection features a Buddha print to one that is Miami-inspired with Art Deco-like prints. There is also a permanent collection of solids appropriate for any occasion.

Cia. Marítima

One trend Kohn hopes will continue to catch on is shoppers wearing Cia. Marítima pieces to go from the pool or beach to a night out in the city and everywhere in between. “That you can accomplish here in the store in one swoop,” he says.

The best part? Each piece is made from high-quality Lycra, so shoppers can feel comfortable wearing the pieces all day long.

And while the brand is swimsuit-focused, it’s also a concept with plenty of resort wear offerings, such as cover ups, dresses, skirts and wraps, to a handful of accessories like sun hats, sandals and totes. This month be on the lookout for the ever-so-popular Brazilian shoe line Vert.


The newest collection to hit the stores is Origins, which draws inspiration from the roots of Brazilian culture with “fascinating landscapes mixed with visual references from African landscapes.”

Origins includes styles from one-pieces to long sleeves and triangle-cut tops, to high-waisted and cheeky bottoms in colors of sand, green, red, orange and black mixed with textures of jersey, silk, tulle and viscose voile.

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