Brazilian Activewear Brand Opens First U.S. Store In Hollywood

The global yoga and activewear brand arrives in Hollywood.

Step off the streets of Hollywood, Florida, and right into the sights of Brazil, where vibrant patterns and designs awaken the senses and prepare you for your next fitness and lifestyle adventure. But the bright colors aren’t even the best part. The brand’s leggings are as soft and silky as butter—like nothing you’ve worn before. You can find them at Liquido on Harrison Street, and with three different cuts of varying lengths, there’s a favorite for everyone. 

Behind The Brand

Liquido began 12 years ago in the Brás neighborhood in São Paulo, Brazil as a brother and sister startup that focused on beachwear. After its great success and expansion to more than 80 stores, yogi and entrepreneur Renata Facchini came on board in 2013 and has helped create two distribution centers in Sydney, Australia and in North America. Now as CEO, she is a prominent face of the brand named Liquido, which is Portuguese for liquid. 

“Water shapes to anything and everything. It permeates through the harder barriers without causing destruction. It’s about respecting the flow of life and the flow of things and just having that watery element,” Facchini says. 

The creation of the Hollywood store came from the company’s strong online presence of shoppers who were outside of Brazil. “Hollywood just feels to me like the Santa Monica of Florida,” Facchini says. “I love the boardwalk, I love the circle, the food trucks, events going on, and it just feels like an up-and-coming community for active people, young families and all of that.”

Liquido’s first American store in Hollywood

Endless Options

The shop specializes in women’s leggings made with Active Lycra Fiber Technology, high-impact sports bras and tanks along with other pieces that transition perfectly from a more active lifestyle to one specific to beach and swim needs. Liquido also sells men’s swimwear and tanks. 

Beyond the importance of quality is the exclusivity of the brand, as all of the leggings are limited editions and only eight to 12 patterns are created monthly. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. “We might recolor them if we really love them, but they don’t come back in their original form,” Facchini says about the unique patterns that range from bright colors, tropical designs, and animal prints, to paisleys and everything in between. “I always try to bring variety, so there’s something for everyone,” she says. All available clothing is sweatshop-free and manufactured in Brazil. 

The Future

The Hollywood store is the first American location, and Facchini is hopeful for what is to come with the arrival of the high season. As soon as springtime, there could be another store popping up in Boca Raton with even further expansion north or south. “We’re really excited to try the market,” Facchini says. “There is a passion behind the brand. There really is. We are all about empowering women to come out of their shells and really letting their personality shine through clothing.”

Liquido, 1937 Harrison St., Hollywood /

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