Amanda Hearst is an Agent of Change

Guest curator Amanda Hearst, co-founder of Maison de Mode, demonstrates the versatility and timeless beauty of sustainable fashion

On Amanda Hearst: Envelope1976 dress, Maison de Mode.
Photo by Joachim Rønning

Amanda Hearst believes that one does not need to sacrifice style for sustainability. “It is my personal and professional mission to prove that luxury, fashion, and sustainability can be seamlessly blended,” says Hearst. She co-founded Maison de Mode in 2015 to give customers a convenient marketplace that brings together more than 70 ethical and eco-friendly fashion brands, with the goal of encouraging a shift toward a more sustainable future.

The garments sold on the Maison de Mode site adhere to certain standards of sustainability and are clearly labeled with icons that denote distinctions such as recycled, eco-packaging, cruelty-free, and organic. Maison de Mode also supports and features brands created by Black/Indigenous People of Color, as well as women-owned businesses.

In the spirit of sustainability, FLI invited Hearst to guest curate our January fashion story featuring designs available through Maison de Mode. “This curation was inspired by the iconic bold and loud element historically associated with high fashion married with the modern ethos of sustainable fashion, which emphasizes versatility, timelessness, and comfort over seasonal and temporary trends,” Hearst explains. She adds that this edit “is made up of pieces that can easily be worn for a casual day around town just as they can be dressed up for a night out.”

The backdrop for this fashion shoot is also a model of sustainability—this time, as it applies to architecture. Located on Palm Beach and designed by Daniel Kahan of Smith and Moore Architects, the home of Jim Held and Kenn Karakul demonstrates that sustainability can work in concert with timeless architecture and style. In 2019, the Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach honored the home with its annual Schuler Award for excellence in new architecture. 

The home’s most impressive feat of renewable energy is actually only visible from above. Atop the roof, surrounded by low parapet walls, are 230 solar panels, all made in the United States. More often than not, the panels generate all the energy the house uses, between 350 and 400 kilowatts per day. Other notable features include built-in water-collection, water-purification, and fresh air–ventilation systems. —Mary Murray

Amur Lucinda print bustier ($328), Annalise print skirt ($498); Aera Sally heels in silver mirror ($375); Marlo Laz Porte Bonheur enamel earrings ($6,400); Maison de Mode.

Amur Allegra floral print gown ($698); Marlo Laz five-coin necklace ($20,880); Maison de Mode.

Amur Constance print romper ($398); Marlo Laz large Porte Bonheur enamel necklace ($4,880), Porte Bonheur enamel earrings ($6,400); Maison de Mode.

Campo Collection Lydia nightgown in milk ($575); Aera Audrey flats in black patent effect ($345); KBH earrings with Tahitian black pearls and diamond sweethearts ($2,400); Maison de Mode.

Amur Miray top in white ($248); Marlo Laz heart pinky yellow gold ring ($1,495); Shashi Dakota necklace ($60), ring set ($65); KBH square bling ring in white gold ($6,995); Maison de Mode.

niLuu Monroe kimono ($920); Nayla Josefina slides in black fish scale ($275); KBH leaf ear climbers ($1,280), Maison de Mode.

Amur Jerre print blouse ($348), Ally print skirt ($348); Aera Sally heels in gold mirror ($375); KBH square bling ring in white gold ($6,995); Maison de Mode.

Michelle Waugh Joann double-breasted blazer ($995); Amur Apollo white shorts ($268); Aera Audrey flats in black patent effect ($345); Shashi Dakota necklace ($60), ring set ($65); Maison de Mode.

Fashion Credits: 

Fashion editor: Katherine Lande

Model: Anastasia Bondarenko, Elite Model Management, Miami

Hair and makeup: Heather Blaine, Creative Management, Miami

Digital tech: Javier Sanchez

Fashion assistant: Roxy Rooney, Honey Communications

FLI extends a special thanks to Kevin Condon for providing the location.

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