4 Reasons to Visit Meatball Room

Why the new Boca Raton restaurant is a must-try

1. The dessert menu – it’s insane.

We counted 34 desserts on the menu during our visit, including homemade sundaes, milkshakes, artisan ice cream sandwiches, cakes, cheesecakes and, of course, tiramisu. The best part? We’re told the dessert list is actually going to get longer. Don’t leave without trying the zeppoles, deep-fried doughnuts with powdered sugar.

2. The meatballs, of course.

Meatballs served at a restaurant called the “Meatball Room” are naturally going to be held to a high standard. Luckily, these impressed. Options range from spicy Sicilian to turkey to sweet and sour, but the classic meatball made with veal, beef and pork is just divine.

3. The diamond giveaways.

OK, so it’s not unusual for a restaurant to host contests and giveaways – but a weekly diamond raffle? That is an attention-grabber. The restaurant has teamed up with Elies Fine Jewelry & Judaica for a diamond giveaway every Wednesday for ladies night. Plus, ladies drink free all night from 5 p.m.

4. The cozy-meets-glam vibe.

The restaurant mixes glitzy, neon LED lights and a chic indoor/outdoor bar with warm outdoor fire pits, a charming koi pond and a rustic open kitchen. The restaurant offers such a trendy, comforting atmosphere, it’s no wonder it was packed the night we stopped by.

3011 Yamato Road, Ste. A19-20


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