The Leader Of Minimally-Invasive Spine Surgery & Regenerative Cell Therapy

Organization : Biscup Spine

Name : Dr. Robert S. Biscup

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Dr. Robert Biscup knows how back pain can wreak havoc on a person’s overall feeling of well-being and ability to function. A board-certified orthopedic spine surgeon for 30 years, he has been instrumental in providing world-class care for his patients by identifying the root cause of their symptoms and offering the least invasive solution to treat their pain, performing surgery as the last resort. When surgery is indicated, his developments in major reconstructive, previously failed, and minimally invasive spine surgeries–including laser microsurgery and micro-decompression laminoplasty–have earned him international recognition as a pioneer in the field. 

His devoted following of patients praise his empathetic nature and approachability as much as they do his expertise. They find comfort in the specialized care they receive 24/7 and the “miracles” he performs as he quickly returns them to the activities and pursuits that were sidelined due to pain or restricted mobility. Biscup has traveled internationally lecturing and demonstrating the surgical techniques, instrumentation and implants he helped to develop. In keeping with his quest to offer the latest medical breakthroughs, he has incorporated the field of regenerative medicine into his New York, Jupiter and Naples concierge practices. 

“We are utilizing the body’s considerable potential to heal, repair and replace damaged or spine and joint spent tissue. I continually and consistently evaluate ways to improve and advance our knowledge and treatment of degenerative spinal conditions,” he explains.

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