Talking With Health-And-Wellness Guru Mariel Hemingway

Mariel Hemingway will share her secrets to success with the sold-out crowd at KidSanctuary Campus’ fashion-meets-philanthropy fundraiser next month.

While she has not written as many books as her gifted grandfather, she has written several. One of them, Mariel Hemingway’s Healthy Living from the Inside Out, explains how conscious eating and exercising contributes to a balanced lifestyle, as does maintaining a residence.

“One chapter was about home,” says Hemingway, a Malibu, California, resident who will keynote KidSanctuary Campus’ ninth annual Luncheon and Fashion Show on Jan. 12 in Palm Beach Gardens. “I think the beauty of your home has a lot to do with your health and well being.”

The prolific public speaker, accomplished actress and adored descendent will present “360 Degrees of Beauty”—a method of mindful living to soothe the spirit and the soul—and will also walk the runway to benefit the non-profit that aids children who have been abandoned, abused or neglected.

“Peace and beauty are sort of aligned in my world,” Hemingway says. “When you feel a sense of inner peace, it is a beautiful feeling.”

A sense of inner peace has eluded the Hemingway family for generations.

“I have seven suicides in my family,” Hemingway says. “There was a tremendous amount of addiction and depression. Probably if my grandfather were alive, he’d be diagnosed with bipolar.”

She wrote a moving memoir titled Out Came the Sun about her experiences as a child and how she eventually escaped the tragedies her relatives faced.

“After I wrote that book, I felt I needed to help people. I realized I needed to talk about these things,” says the 56-year-old mother of two.

“I was so afraid,” she continues. “I never drank. I never took drugs. I was terrified that I’d be crazy. I lived in fight or flight. I became passionate about healthy living.” 

Her calling has taken her to elementary, middle and high schools across the country to address mental health.

“Kids who are foster kids, they’ve been dealt a raw hand,” Hemingway says.

Her celebrity has turned her into a brand advocate for Cambria, an American manufacturer of high-end quartz countertops that helped furnish KidSanctuary Campus’ new boys’ cottage in West Palm Beach.

“I think the idea of giving kids a home is extraordinary, and also a home that’s incredibly fancy and nice,” Hemingway says. “The foster care system in most states is not the best in the world, so this is just an incredible thing.”

When asked about her proudest achievement, Hemingway does not mention her Academy Award-nominated performance in Woody Allen’s “Manhattan,” nor her best-selling book Finding My Balance.

“It was when I came to realize that my purpose was to help people feel better about themselves,” Hemingway says. “It’s like alchemy to me.”

Marlo Massey, executive director of KidSanctuary Campus, says the health-and-wellness guru is a perfect fit for the fundraiser.

“Mariel Hemingway’s life story and philosophy are very relatable to our mission and to the tough challenges that the children at the campus have experienced,” Massey says. “Her message is an inspiration.”

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