Mogul in the Making

NeoForm’s Nicholas Partington has found success at the ripe age of 28, both in his business and as part of the U.S. Underwater Hockey Team.
NeoForm’s Nicholas Partington has found success at the ripe age of 28, both in his business and as part of the U.S. Underwater Hockey Team.

Young and successful.

Those are the words that perfectly describe 28-year-old Nicholas Partington. With a determined spark in his eye, it is easy to see how this young professional has managed to start multiple businesses in the South Florida area after only graduating from University of Central Florida six years ago.

By combining his background in construction – he worked on construction sites at 15 years old – and an interest in helping people, Partington started NeoForm in 2010. NeoForm is a company geared toward helping people whose homes have fire damage, water damage and mold damage. NeoForm is able to create a win-win situation for homeowners by bringing designers and contractors into the home.

After seeing that more could be done for homeowners in these emergency situations, Partington created Home Angels by NeoForm, with the help of his college friend Frankie Soriano. This company is a consumer-facing division of NeoForm that offers the “Ask an Angel” hotline, a 24/7, on-call service that is able to dispatch the company’s first-responder “Wingmen” to the home in order to assess and mitigate the damage.

The company goes even further by offering help to those in need of restoration. Home Angels by NeoForm has project managers who will work with homeowners to design the restoration and create a timeline of completion. By helping homeowners from start to finish, Home Angels by NeoForm is a one-stop shop for those going through a hard time with their home.

With a genuine smile that lights up his face and bright, brown eyes as he speaks about his businesses, Partington explains that he wanted to make a difference with his career. And he has done just that. As he speaks about some of the people that the company has helped, it is evident just how much he has been impacted by his work.

Partington spoke of a man who called Home Angels by NeoForm because sewage had backed up into his house. Not only was this man’s home falling apart, Partington says, he had also lost custody of his children and was dealing with cancer. While this could easily defeat anyone, Partington was taken aback that this man had a smile on his face everyday.

It is apparent that Partington truly cares about his customers, but getting homeowners to trust his business is another story. As he states, most companies within this industry use scare tactics to get business from these homeowners. Home Angels by NeoForm uses honesty and facts to get homeowners to trust them, even using a third party to do tests for mold to show homeowners they aren’t just in it for the money.

While this entrepreneur may be mostly about business, he still has time to enjoy himself. A member of the U.S. Underwater Hockey Team, he became involved after his father – a photojournalist – did a piece on the sport and began playing. Once Partington learned to swim, he started to play and made the U.S. Men’s team 10 years ago and remains on the team, traveling around the world competing. “It’s weird to see that it’s a huge sport in other countries,” Partington says, as the sport is not well known in the U.S. but is popular in countries like New Zealand. This high-speed game proves to be difficult as players are constantly moving in order to advance the puck – similar to that of ice hockey. Players must hold their breath during this intense match, often staying underwater for 10 to 15 seconds before resurfacing to catch their breath.

Partington also has a passion for music. The guitarist tried his hand in the music industry, starting a recording studio in a friend’s garage, but soon realized how difficult it is to get started in the music industry and make a profit. That’s when he decided that it wasn’t the right time to try to start a music-related business.

This business mogul in the making has always said since college that he would be retiring by the time he hit 36. Partington doesn’t see that happening anytime soon as his businesses are so prosperous that the thought of retiring is now a distant idea.

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