Local Men of Style to Watch

Meet four of Broward County’s most dapper—and daring—men of the moment

FLI Men of Style, Rino Cerbone, Photography by STEVEN MARTINE
Photography by Steven Martine. Shot on location at W Fort Lauderdale

Rino Cerbone 

The Culinary Trailblazer 

You’ve likely heard of rock star Rino Cerbone or tried to snag a reservation at his always-booked Italian eatery, Heritage, in the Mass District. He’s quite the shapeshifter. Before opening up shop last year, Cerbone lived a rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle as the front man of Stellar Revival and Westview and has even opened for Bon Jovi. He eventually returned to his Fort Lauderdale roots to pursue his passion of becoming a restaurateur, like his Italian immigrant family. The result is his industrial-meets-modern-chic outpost, which opened before the onset of the pandemic. The same East-meets-West coast vibes you’ll find inside Heritage are reflected in Cerbone’s style. “Fashion influence for me would be a cross between Ryan Gosling, David Beckham, Adam Levine, and Johnny Depp,” shares the 36-year-old chef/owner. “The reason for this is because they all have a rugged style, but when they clean up, they have a very sleek European flair to their style, which I’m into.” When not in a chef’s coat, Cerbone says he’s likely wearing “a pair of jeans, rad boots, and a shirt with either a really cool jacket or overshirt.” He exudes honest confidence, noting that if he ever wanted to switch up his wardrobe and try a new trend, he would pursue it.  

Personal style: Rock ‘n’ roll chic. Very NYC/ LA vibe. Label he loves: All Saints. Favorite under-the-radar brand: Taft Boots. [They’re] a husband-and-wife team that makes an incredible product. Closet he’d like to raid: John Mayer. He has a pulse on a lot of unique global fashion and an incredible sneaker collection. Collects: Watches. Absolutely love timepieces. Worst style moment: Probably in my punk rock style days and the useless arm sweatband that we used to wear for no reason. Best fashion advice: Keep it simple.

FLI Men of Style, Ervin D. Machado Photography by STEVEN MARTINE

Ervin D. Machado  

The Mix Master 

You can thank Ervin D. Machado for the yummy cocktails you imbibe at favorite haunts such as Louie Bossi’s. As the beverage director for Big Time Hospitality Group, he manages all aspects of education and development. “I pick all wines and develop all cocktails ensuring the amazing dishes we develop in the kitchen have the proper pairing at the bar,” says the 33-year-old, who has spent his career honing his craft as a revered sommelier and entrepreneur. Aside from his local talents, he’s the CEO of Prosecco Zero, an ingenious new line of low-sugar rosé and brut wines produced in partnership with Peninsula Wines, one of Italy’s most celebrated winemakers. The low-proof bubbly is designed for those who don’t have to choose between what Machado calls “great taste and a healthy lifestyle.” 

Much like his beverage skillset, Machado’s fashion sense is on-point. “I’m a big Balenciaga fan,” says Machado whose personal style falls along the spectrum of business casual. “I love the modern, comfortable, luxurious approach they have.” He’s also big into collecting watches, noting his vintage Breitling Navitimer as a favorite timepiece. A close friend of Salvatore Ferragamo, Machado says he’d love to raid his closet for obvious reasons—and because Ferragamo hides his wines from the Il Borro vineyards inside. When he’s not dressed to the nines at work, Machado is at peace outdoors and in casual clothes. “I love the water, so anything ocean or pool-related I’m in,” he says. He humbly credits his fashion sense to his sister, who always guided him on what to wear throughout his childhood. 

Shops locally: I love the Elektrik Boutique shop on Las Olas. Favorite under-the-radar brand: I think Scotch & Soda is a brand I don’t see very often and [I’m] not sure why it’s still a little unknown. Collects: Love to collect ties and watches! Worst style moment: The really baggy pants in the early 2000s is something I could absolutely have skipped. Go-to outfit: Jeans, white-collar shirt, and a black jacket. That’s the one, two, three of fashion, I think. Best fashion advice: Always make sure the color of your tie is darker than your shirt.

FLI Men of Style, Phillip Dunlap, Photography by STEVEN MARTINE

Phillip Dunlap 

The Arts Advocate

If you ask Phillip Dunlap about the inspiration behind his wardrobe, he’ll tell you it’s fueled by his passion for jazz. “[Jazz musicians] were—and still are—some of the most stylish folks out there,” says the 40-year-old who currently helms the Broward County Cultural Division as director. He pulls inspiration from the likes of Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, and Tim Warfield into his ensembles consisting of blazers, signature pocket squares, and an envious collection of eyeglasses. 

His connection to the musical genre isn’t at random; he’s lived a life engulfed in music for years. Before moving to South Florida a little over two years ago, he served as the director of education and community engagement at Jazz St. Louis. He was also the president of Missouri Citizens for the Arts, a university professor, and a jazz pianist who often played weekly gigs. “I hope to get back to it sometime soon, because I miss being on the bandstand,” he says. 

As Broward’s top arts official, Dunlap handles everything from public art to grant-making programs to community engagement while working to build cultural infrastructure, create public awareness, and improve capacity and learning, “so that our arts and culture organizations and artists are effective businesses and entrepreneurs,” he says. To date, Dunlap has led an overhaul of the division’s annual grant-making program, which included a complete repeal and replacement of the administrative code. 

Personal style: Classic with a pop of modern Owns a lot of: Blazers. At one point, my friends would joke that I must sleep in blazers. Label he loves: Suit Supply Celebrity closet he’d like to raid: Tim Gunn. [He has a] classic style that is also contemporary in a way that will not look dated decades from now. Collects: Pocket squares and glasses, I suppose. Most expensive item in closet: A made-to-measure suit by Tom James Worst style moment: There are pictures of me in college wearing socks with sandals. I’ll leave it at that. Best fashion advice: It is great to have some trendy items but keep with the classic styles for your core wardrobe because they never go out of style. 

FLI Men of Style, Dale McLean, Photography by STEVEN MARTINE

Dale McLean

The Entertainer

From Dale McLean’s early days attending the University of Miami to emceeing and hosting weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, and charity events, he’s a household name in South Florida’s entertainment industry. His unparalleled experience and natural hype man talents led him to become “scouted” for the role of in-arena host for the Miami Heat, where he’s been entertaining guests on the upper deck to celebs sitting courtside since 2006. He’s also an on-the-field and court host for the Miami Hurricanes. 

The passion and creativity that go into his work translate well to his dynamic wardrobe. Not afraid to make a statement, McLean describes his look as “stylish yet unique,” which is apparent in the looks he puts together on and off the court. “I always like to look my best yet different from others,” he says. “I’m not a ‘black T-shirt and black jeans’ kind of guy. The bolder the better! You may not like what I am wearing, but you won’t forget it.”

The 50-year-old frequents Las Olas for his shopping outings, often opting for fashion-forward pieces from Elektrik Boutique. He even has a custom pair of Miami Heat loafers designed for the 2012 championship season. Aside from entertaining, McLean coaches soccer and is involved in numerous organizations, including Voice of the Children, Make a Wish Foundation, American Cancer Society, and Debbie’s Dream Foundation. “What I enjoy the most is doing community outreach and working with kids in the schools,” he says. 

Fashion influence: I take my look from different sources and make it my own. Celebrity closet he’d like to raid: David Beckham for his diverse style. Most expensive item in closet: Jackets and watches Worst style moment: Von Dutch Go-to outfit: Bomber jacket and jeans Best fashion advice: Do you. 

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