Healthy Living with Brady and Lauren Cobb

Brady and Lauren Cobb prioritize wellness in their professional and personal endeavors

Photos by Shaun Cruz

Fort Lauderdale residents Brady and Lauren Cobb practice what they preach. “Health is wealth,” notes Lauren, who is an instructor at SOL Yoga in Fort Lauderdale. “We want to live long, happy lives, and we believe that taking care of our mind and body is a critical component to longevity.”

A mother of two, Lauren teaches yoga in studio (SOL classes range from traditional Vinyasa flows to ones that incorporate extra core work and cardio), livestreams yoga classes from her dock via Zoom, and prerecords sessions for her Vimeo account. “Yoga serves as a daily reminder that my body, mind, and spirit may be tested, but I will not break as I stretch my physical and mental bodies on my mat and share it with the world via my daily livestreamed yoga flow,” she says.

While Brady and Lauren practice yoga together, he also assists in creating her unique playlists. “Brady is not only my husband but my partner and best friend,” she says. “We bounce all ideas off of each other, and we truly support one another.” Lauren is also her husband’s biggest supporter, especially when it comes to his company, Bluma Wellness.

Launched in 2018, Bluma Wellness owns and operates One Plant Florida, a vertically integrated, licensed medical cannabis company whose mission is to “honor the fullest expression of each seed we cultivate, and we truly live and die by the fact that our cannabis is grown, not made,” says Brady. One Plant Florida cultivates and processes its premium cannabis flower at greenhouse facilities in Indiantown and Ruskin. The product is sold as the flower or in pre-rolled, distillate, or concentrate forms at dispensaries across Florida or via e-commerce; everything is also available for curbside pick-up or home delivery. Eleven new dispensary sites are currently in construction, including three locations in Broward County.

Brady’s interest in cannabis began with his father, Bill Cobb, who orchestrated what is considered the largest marijuana smuggling operation in U.S. history in the late ’70s and early ’80s, according to the Department of Justice. “Years later, cannabis was something that provided mental and physical release toward the end of his battle with cancer,” Brady notes. Wanting to enter the industry legally, Brady studied law at Barry University in Orlando and went on to serve as chief legal officer of Liberty Health Sciences, another publicly traded medical marijuana treatment clinic. Brady left that role to pursue a dream of operating his own cannabis company.

His next focus is on home delivery throughout Florida, with the ultimate goal of having 21 stores and delivery hubs. With each new step forward, he is happy to have support from Lauren. “I couldn’t do what I am doing without her,” he says. “She is my sounding board, my reality check, and is always there to keep me grounded. When it comes to our children, wellness, and careers, Lauren and I work together as a team.”

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