Art & Awareness with Elyssa Helfman

The Fort Lauderdale-based artist's series of masterpieces for her brand Endangered Art raise awareness for animals and the planet

Artist Elyssa Helfman. Photo of Michael Caronchi
Artist Elyssa Helfman. Photos by Michael Caronchi

Animals and art have always been part of Elyssa Helfman’s life. A background in graphic design paved the way for her to become a creative director for a web design and marketing agency, but Helfman also applies her fine art skills to paint colorful works for clients under her brand, Endangered Art. The Fort Lauderdale native’s business raises awareness and donates 10 percent of proceeds to benefit wildlife conservation organizations like Defenders of Wildlife, Wildlife Conservation Society, and, most recently, the Great Plains Foundation. 

“A lot of my art is based around bringing awareness to Mother Earth, to our surroundings, to our animals, [and to treating] them with respect and honor,” Helfman says. 

Helfman paints everything from elephants and giraffes to cheetahs and peacocks using a method that combines paint with homemade paper for added dimension and texture. Her most recent commission is a massive elephant mural inside a new local pottery studio. View her works on Instagram and check out her Facebook page, Vibrant Art with Elyssa, which gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look as she creates bold paintings, offers tips, and grants access to exclusive freebies, giveaways, and original works. 

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