The Art of Relaxation

One of the keys to longevity is self-care, and there's no better way to ignite the senses than with a soothing trip to the spa. Here, we outline several options to suit your R&R personality.

The intimate Pure Spa at Pelican Grand Beach Resort features numerous Zen spaces for finding inner calm. Photo courtesy of Pelican Grand Beach Resort.

For the Exhausted Exec

Detox Clay Wrap
Recharge after a long workweek with a visit to Spa Atlantic at The Atlantic Hotel & Spa on Fort Lauderdale Beach. Unwind in the sauna and steam room before indulging in the Detox Clay Wrap, a full-body experience featuring a bentonite clay–based body mask that aims to absorb toxins in the body. When the mask is applied, you’ll soak in all its benefits while cocooned in warm sheets. A pressure-point scalp massage, a quick rinse, and a nourishing skin enhancer to lock in moisture follows.

Himalayan Salt Stone Treatment
This indulgence at Pelican Grand Beach Resort’s Pure Spa is ideal for those in need of deep relaxation. Upon arrival, slip into a robe and slippers before the innovative healing technique begins. The massage incorporates warm salt stones that help replenish minerals lost from prolonged stress, while also bringing your mind and body back into balance. After, find your way to the outdoor terrace to sip on warming lavender rose tea. Sounds of crashing ocean waves below will further invigorate your spirit.

MD Alpha Beta Facial
Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa abounds with amenities, including a steam room, sauna, and Whirlpool, in addition to a spacious co-ed lounge with access to a private saltwater pool. Continue the pampering with the MD Alpha Beta Facial that reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and pores. It also treats blemishes, dark spots, and redness. Fast-acting ingredients such as glycolic, lactic, and malic acids as well as green tea extract will leave you ready to face the day—not to mention your colleagues and clients.

Indulge with a treatment at The Spa at Auberge. Photo courtesy of Auberge Beach.

For the Modern Mom

Probiotic Beauty Cocktail
Fight dryness and more with the Probiotic Beauty Cocktail that will take your skin from dull to dewy. Heavenly Spa by The Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort offers this facial that begins with the LaFlore Probiotic Cleanser, which bursts with ingredients like perilla seed oil and washes away impurities so your aesthetician can perform full-face extractions. LaFlore’s Daily Defense Moisturizer and Probiotic Serum Concentrate leave skin supple and fresh. Moms who are looking for an additional wow factor can also add on lip and eye treatments.

Rasul Clay Massage
The Spa at Auberge Beach is known for indigenous ingredients, tropical elements, and results-driven treatments—and the Rasul Clay Massage is no exception. This Turkish-inspired ritual features three detoxifying clays: rasul or rhassoul clay, which is sourced from Morocco and helps nourish the skin; magnesium-rich kaolin clay that deep cleans, exfoliates, and softens; and the charcoal masque, a purifier that draws out oil, dirt, and bacteria from clogged pores. After the clay portion, rinse off and savor a full-body massage.

Treat yourself to the Unwind experience at Conrad Fort Lauderdale Beach’s Conrad Spa. Prep with a 10-minute steam before making your way to the quiet room where a tea bar (try the organic vanilla rooibos), fresh-cut fruit, confections like macarons, and chilled wine await. A deep inhale of the aromatic Revive Morning scent (a blend of grapefruit and juniper) kicks off the session, which targets the universal stress zones of the upper body, neck, face, and scalp while you are guided into a tranquil meditation.

Quick Fix Massage
Get a lot from a little with a trip to W Fort Lauderdale’s Away Spa. Work out those kinks with a 10-, 25-, or 50-minute Quick Fix neck, back, and shoulder massage in an express massage chair—the perfect spa alternative for moms on the go. If time permits, continue with a 10-minute “polish up” mani or pedi. Or, make a pit stop for a 15-minute Bright Eyes session, inclusive of a triple-action eye revitalization that addresses dark circles and puffiness.

Water elements take center stage at the Diplomat Beach Resort’s Spa + Wellness. Photo courtesy of the Diplomat Beach Resort.

For the Ailing Athlete

Herbalistic Ritual Massage
Now open after an aesthetic refresh, The Diplomat Beach Resort’s Spa + Wellness offerings embody the eight elements of fire, water, earth, air, nature, ice, light, and darkness. After entering, take in ocean views in the waterfront sanctuary and prepare for healing lifestyle rituals like the Herbalistic Ritual Massage. This treatment blends a duo of CBD products to reduce inflammation and alleviate muscle tension. The 80-minute process provides ample time to work on any serious knots and discomforts you may be experiencing. Patrons receive personalized “spa-scriptions” after a session and can purchase products geared toward holistic health.

Recover Massage
Choose between a one-hour or a one-and-a-half-hour session at Conrad Fort Lauderdale’s Conrad Spa for a Recover Massage. What makes this a standout is the spa’s De-Stress Muscle Gel and Oil, which is renowned for its ability to release pain and tension. While a deep-tissue massage is the main focus, the method is what makes things worthwhile; your therapist will start with a lighter pressure then slowly increase throughout the massage to address stiffness and soreness.

Activity Recovery
The Ritz-Carlton Spa recently renovated its amenities, making it the ideal place to take advantage of “you” time. If you’re a tennis or golf player—or like to run on the beach—you need to book Activity Recovery, a tension-relieving massage that eases tight muscles. It culminates with a soothing foot soak and exfoliation in addition to a back exfoliation and back, foot, and leg massage.

The Ritz Carlton Fort Lauderdale. Photo by Jeff Herron.

For the Glow-Getter

Cleansing Ceremony
Perched seven floors above the Atlantic, The Ritz-Carlton Spa boasts a menu dotted with ESPA products that speak to the spa’s calming ocean setting and Florida’s beloved native oranges. We recommend decompressing in the Jacuzzi on the pool deck before relaxing into the Cleansing Ceremony. Ice mitts, used in a full-body exfoliation, stimulate circulation, while a lymphatic drainage massage detoxifies. The 80-minute journey is the ultimate bikini precursor as it targets areas prone to cellulite, fluid retention, and uneven skin tone.

Vitamin C Resurfacing Treatment
Vitamin C is known to inhibit melanin production and improve skin radiance, so unleash its full potential with the Vitamin C Resurfacing Treatment at SiSpa at the Fort Lauderdale Marriott Pompano Beach Resort & Spa. This correcting facial restores collagen and reduces signs of aging, leaving you red-carpet ready. After an evaluation of your skin type, the aesthetician will use either a marine peel, which reduces signs of aging, or a vitamin C enzyme peel, which is ideal for sun-damaged skin with hyperpigmentation.

Coconut Water Body Drench Ritual
The Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach’s Heavenly Spa launched its full seasonal menu, and one thing is for certain: They’re nuts about coconut. Take advantage of full-day spa access when you book a treatment, and you’ll be greeted with either fresh coconut water or a pineapple coconut rum cocktail. Choose the Coconut Water Body Drench Ritual to reap the benefits of the thirst-quenching fruit. All-over body exfoliation with deep pore–cleansing fruit enzymes and a crushed coconut shell scrub gives way to a leave-on coconut water body masque that stimulates elastin and collagen production. As if it couldn’t get better, warm Fijian coconut oil envelops your hair and scalp. The session can be extended from 50 to 80 minutes with the addition of a back, neck, and shoulder massage or reflexology.

Warm quartz sand beds at The Spa at Auberge Beach aid in physical and mental rejuvenation. Photo courtesy of Auberge Beach.

For the Soul Searcher 

According to the ancient practice of reflexology, certain spots on the feet correspond to specific organs, glands, and other parts of the body, and when pressure is applied, those organs heal through energetic pathways. The St. Somewhere Spa at Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort offers reflexology, which can have mood-lifting results and other wellness advantages, such as improved circulation and swelling alleviation. Guests at the 11,000-square-foot getaway can utilize the steam room, scrub room, or rainfall showers before their treatments.

Papaya Body Dream 
The lovely aroma of coconut welcomes you at the sky-high Pure Spa by Pelican Grand Beach Resort. While the indoor relaxation room, replete with hanging chairs overlooking the beach, is stunning, the outdoor treatment room—usually reserved for couples’ massages—is the spa’s pièce de résistance, with expansive ocean views that will elicit instant nirvana. Pure Spa is one of only two U.S. facilities to offer the luscious Papaya Body Dream, wherein a natural papaya body product from Swedish brand Maria Akerberg is painted onto the body. While that soaks into the skin, you’ll receive a silky-smooth foot massage and a hot towel wrap. The glow up continues with a salt scrub applied on top of the papaya, a foil wrap, and a scalp massage. A hot shower and body cream end the sybaritic session.

Ocean Immersion
Reap the ocean’s benefits with a trip to the Atlantic Hotel & Spa. The Ocean Immersion uses marine ingredients to promote overall well-being, beginning with a body exfoliation of freeze-dried seawater crystals and algae-derived alpha hydroxy acid that leaves skin feeling smooth and soft. A Moroccan oil–infused scalp massage takes this experience to next-level calm. An invigorating massage follows, complete with mineral-rich seawater and seaside plant oils to target specific pressure points. 

The idea behind Reiki, which originated in Tibet, is to heal through the power of energy while identifying natural imbalances. After a brief overview with a therapist at Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa, you will rest atop a warm bed with your legs elevated and a pillow under head. He or she will then slowly begin at your crown and work down the body to balance your seven chakras, including the third eye, heart, and root. Acting as a vessel of energy, the therapist will gently lay his or her hands on you, during which time you’ll drift into a meditative state for the 50-minute transformative treatment

Quartz Massage and Private Access Consciousness Session
The Spa at Auberge Beach is equipped with a self-guided vitality ritual featuring a sound lounge, salt cave, sauna, steam, and deluge. Afterward, partake in the Quartz Massage and Private Access Consciousness Session. During the former, you’ll lay on a bed of warm quartz sand, choose an aromatherapy scent, and let go for 50 minutes as your masseuse works out knots and releases pressure. What makes this massage a standout is the use of heated Himalayan salt rocks that heal discomforts. You’ll later receive personalized access consciousness, wherein a professional will work with 32 bars of energy that run through and around the head. It’s a therapeutic session that will leave you with greater mental clarity, increased motivation, restful sleep, and heightened awareness.


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