Fit and Fresh with OutFit Training

Broward County fitness enthusiasts now have 20 different “training grounds” to choose from thanks to Randy Hetrick's six mobile gyms

OutFit Training class. Photo courtesy of OutFit Training
Photos courtesy of OutFit Training

The inspiration to start OutFit Training began in 2010 when Randy Hetrick, the former Navy SEAL who invented the TRX Suspension Trainer and founded TRX Training, decided to take one of his brand activation initiatives on tour. He customized a super tricked-out Sprinter van and canvassed the country for two years, hosting outdoor group workouts at sporting events, festivals, and new gym openings for key industry partners. Fast-forward 10 years and along came the pandemic, which laid off trainers and locked out gymgoers worldwide. “If there was ever a sign that the time for OutFit had arrived, the global pandemic was it,” says Hetrick.

OutFit Training fleet. Photo courtesy of OutFit TrainingLocals looking to get their sweat on in the great outdoors now have 20 different “training grounds” to choose from in Broward County thanks to Hetrick’s six mobile gyms. Classes vary from Zumba to 16 HIIT-style (high-intensity interval training) functional training workouts to OutFit’s power yoga dubbed “Yoga Under the Sun.” HIIT classes utilize a variety of TRX training equipment (think: kettlebells, strength bands, Rip Trainers) plus a range of calisthenics, agility movements, and stretches. Each 50-minute session includes a warm-up and cool-down.

What’s the best part of class? Just ask Hetrick: “There is nothing more inspiring than exercising with a community of other high-energy OutFitters under the blue skies, sunshine, and fresh air of the great outdoors.”

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