Dr. Erol Yoldas, Orthopedic Specialty Institute

Dr. Erol Yoldas, Orthopedic Specialty Institute

Fort Lauderdale is an active community. People of all ages take advantage of the year-round sunshine to participate in sports on land and water. As such, we are a hotbed for sports related injuries. Dr. Erol Yoldas attributes it to a mindset that permeates the city, which is one with health and physical rejuvenation at the core. A Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon with a Fellowship in sports medicine, Dr. Yoldas specializes exclusively in sports related injuries, specifically of the knee, shoulder and elbow.

Having worked for years with Miami’s Dolphins and Marlins, and as current team physician for Nova Southeastern University, he has seen just about every sports injury imaginable. Through the years he has seen and adopted advances in treatments, and in some cases he options to avoid surgical procedures all together. By using Biologics to help repair tissue and heal naturally, he has seen rotator cuff, ACL and elbow ligament reconstructing surgeries have diminished recovery time while improving outcomes.

Yoldas decided to open his own private practice in Fort Lauderdale three years ago because he appreciates the big-small town feel of Fort Lauderdale. He enjoys working in the community and giving back locally. During football season, you’ll often find him volunteering his services at local High School football games, engaging with the athletes of tomorrow.

While no one likes the idea of a sports related injury, we’re lucky to have someone we can trust… just in case.



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