Kristin Kauffmann, Blue Truck® Media

Kristin Kauffmann, Blue Truck® Media

Building a business is hard work. While entrepreneurs understand their niche and how their product or service can help the masses, they rarely have the time and expertise to focus entirely on marketing. Moreover, in a world driven by social media and constant visual stimuli, video content is now a required component in the marketing mix. Throwing a homemade video together and hoping Facebook friends will share it is not the ideal business model.

As the owner of Blue Truck® Media, Inc., Kristin Kauffmann (formerly Kristin Pelletier) brings 25 years of award-winning video production and content marketing to Fort Lauderdale. Her passion? Helping entrepreneurs and speakers harness the power of video to optimize visibility, stand out from the competition and grow their businesses. Her background in advertising and public relations allows her to contribute a much-needed business approach to creating relevant, engaging content.

Kauffmann has earned a reputation as one of the best in her field. Among the kudos for her work, she recently received a silver honor in the SFEA Kaleidoscope Awards and is the recipient of twelve Telly Awards honoring excellence in video and television across all screens. With a diverse list of local and international clients, Kauffmann’s consulting and production work takes her around the world. Luckily, she’s based right here in Fort Lauderdale.

If you are looking for ways to benefit your company’s bottom line, Kauffmann and Blue Truck® Media will deliver the fuel you need to drive traffic and accelerate your business.



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